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Saturday Design Tip – Corner or Regular Aperture Windows

We all get very excited when we enter a dual-aspect room. Having windows in two external walls maximizes light and views, but how do you decide what’s best for your new home?

The short answer is that it depends on what the room is for, what size it is and what’s outside but there are a few other things worth considering too…

The view (pun intended) from our architect is that a corner window creates drama in a room and improves brightness, while a standard aperture window can often make a room seem calmer and more self-contained.  A corner window makes for a more dynamic feel in the room and tends to set up a movement line along its diagonal – you turn as you look at the view.

Corner windows allow you to see more or less the same view while an aperture window, if it’s big enough, allows you to see different views from different places within the room. A lot depends on the purpose of the room and the size and placement of furniture also plays a part in this decision. Of course, if you are planning to buy all new furniture then you can make the furniture work around the windows.

As with most things, the budget is a major factor in this decision. Corner windows are more expensive and more complicated to build, especially if you are trying to create a minimalist frameless effect. Being able to see both regular aperture and corner windows in your house plan before you make this decision really helps. With our opo3D viewer, it is possible to try both options before you make a final decision. Contact us if you want to give this a try –

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