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ADU and House fit, plan and design tools

Opoplan’s LotTech, briefing and ADU / house design tools are designed to help you test, plan, create and manage your new ADU or new house journey.

LotTech our fast lot analysis tool, is now available.

Homeowners or Local ADU/ new home builders

Focussed on new ADU or single family home projects, Opoplan’s smart tools save time and money from lot selection and testing through briefing,  design and generating plans on any new home project.


Custom and semi-custom houseplans in 3D with automated changes
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Detailed plans, elevations and takeoffs output in PDF instantly
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Land feasibility analysis - construction, farming, energy, forestry and more
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Our mission

Bad design gives us the chills

At Opoplan, we know the positive impact an architect brings to every project and none more so than a new home, designed and built to meet the specific needs of a family or individual.

We are committed to transforming the approach of professional builders, real estate brokers and house designers through our unique AI Architecture planning and design technology.

Opoplan house planning and design tools featuring LotTech - fast lot analysis tool


CJ RicoDeveloper, California
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“This is a really great, unique tool and I’ve not seen anything else like it. I’d be willing to pay $150 per use once the utilities are added”.
Tom ByrneChadworth Homes, Maryland
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"Using LotTech saves me at least an hour every time I get a new enquiry, not to mention the savings on gas".
Becki SchwanzSchwanz Custom Homes, Wisconsin
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“Overall a handy tool that I would say is user friendly … that information I can share with a homeowner has real value to me. I can build LotTech cost into my pre-construction charges.”


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