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The New Way of Designing Homes


Bring the outside in

Designing a new home brings with it a great opportunity to put right, on the micro level, one of the major flaws of modern life: our ever-growing distance from nature. The good news is that you can mitigate this by designing your home in a way that enhances the relationship between indoors and outdoors, bringing with it not only an increased sense of well-being by being more deeply connected to nature, but also improved air quality, temperature regulation, and noise reduction. Here's how...

Making Magic

Creating a great house in which to raise children goes way beyond brightly colored walls and novelty lampshades. For children, the home is their first experience of the bigger world, one that needs to be safe, comfortable - and fun to explore. Our environments shape us, and creating a home that is conducive to play, rest, and learning can have a big impact on our kids’ growth and health.