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New LotTech lot analysis features released

LotTech lot analysis - new features released

Three new lot analysis features were released for LotTech earlier this week, based on feedback from users following our successful launch at IBS 2023.

‘Back’ button

The most obvious feature is a more accessible ‘back’ button that gives users the ability to review and change lot locations before starting a new lot test. This feature makes it easier for users to review and adjust lot boundaries, particularly where they are looking at land where there is not yet an address or there is a requirement to subdivide a larger plot.

Adjustable boundary lines – ideal for partial lot analysis

In line with the new ‘back’ button, we have made adjusting the boundary lines easier with a simple click and drag function. This has been developed to make it easier to analyze a partial lot for suitability for an ADU or garden room. It’s also much easier to enlarge or reduce the size of a pre-defined lot.

Existing house on a lot

Still in BETA, this new feature allows a user to switch on and off the option to view the outline of an existing building on a lot. Interestingly, it can pick up old foundations or demolished buildings. This is again particularly useful when considering the lot for an ADU.

These new lot analysis features add value to the LotTech tool for our users and enhance the scope of the tool.

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