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Saturday Design Tip – Bedrooms are important too

When designing a #dreamhome, we spend so much time, effort and energy thinking about the kitchen, the bathrooms, and our living space that we often overlook the bedrooms. Taking the time to think through the layout and furniture for your bedrooms, at the design stage, is important because it is your only opportunity to create bedrooms that your family will love and it means you have a good chance to avoid having one or more bedrooms that nobody wants.

Architectural design rules and psychology suggest that having your bed against a wall creates a feeling of safety, while avoiding an exterior wall gives us a sense of warmth. If you follow the principles of Feng Shui, then there are books out there to help you get the positioning right.

Basic common sense suggests that we future proof our kid’s rooms taking into consideration what they will require from their bedroom before they leave for college. Allowing room to grow, to include desks and study areas, as well as a separate area for computer games might be worth considering. Giving teens and pre-teens separate dressing areas, normally only seen in the master suite, is also worth considering as it reduces the furniture and clutter in the actual bedroom. In some cases, it may also reduce the ‘clean your room’ arguments.

Planning bedrooms for your kids, based on their hobbies and interests, allows you to future proof their room by including shelving or other storage options so a major redesign or upheaval is not needed after only a few short years.

When your cute 10 year old becomes a strapping 6ft football player overnight, having a room that is already large enough to accommodate a 6ft bed, to replace the cute single, will save you a lot of time, money and stress.
Future proofing your kids bedrooms could save you a house move in the future.

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