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Opoplan Launches Lot Analysis Tool for Builders

LotTech is Opoplan’s first B2B tool specifically developed for custom builders operating in the single family homes market across America. Easy to use and highly visual, the tool reduces the need for builders to travel to lots before they have secured the build contract. Information including lot size and boundaries, setbacks, slope and buildable area is all instantly available with options to overlay various house, garage and ADU footprints on the lot that can be positioned as the builder wishes.

To use LotTech, you need to input an address or GPS coordinates. Alternatively, the user can input an area and then navigate to the specific plot. There are options to manually map out boundary lines while LotTech gives you instant size and boundary distance analysis to assist with correctly sizing the lot you wish to test.

This version of LotTech will launch at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas in January 2023.  Further analysis including utilities, solar and other useful land information will be added to LotTech over the next year.

To find out more about LotTech now, visit our LotTech page.

The Opoplan suite of technology products has been created to improve the pre-build design and planning process for professionals and consumers, in the single family homes market.

Meet LotTech™

Manage new enquiries quickly and decisively with LotTech™ from Opoplan – the smart lot analysis tool for Builders, Real Estate Brokers and House Designers.

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