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Home Sweet Stay Home (Series) – Flex the Furniture and Declutter

Another approach is to take the few architectural elements we can control and rearrange them. This takes us back to that time when many of us were last confined to our house – as kids, when moving furniture was a big adventure.

It’s amazing the change simply rotating the dining table 90 degrees can have. In a larger room putting furniture that’s been in one place for years on a diagonal can freshen up the space remarkably. The view out a window may have changed as your garden evolves, trees grow etc), and what was not a nice view before may now be very pleasant, so repositioning the big seat to take advantage of it make sense now.

It’s also important to think of a room or space in term of flow. Try to analyse the lines of movement (often between the door into and out of the room), and the areas of repose – the places where you’d put a sitting or dining area and wouldn’t want people passing through and re-locate your furniture accordingly.

Moving a couch or lounger into the that (larger) kitchen suddenly adds a rustic or farmhouse feel.  Adding a set of church sized candles can take us to Scandinavia or add some Danish hygge.

Bedrooms can really benefit from moving furniture. Although the ideal position for a bed is against a smooth solid wall with the main window opposite, changing a bed from one wall to another or alongside the window can make a big difference. Adding a comfy seat can make the room seem more of a refuge, while moveable lights are a great opportunity to change the ambience easily. Try getting the table lights from the hallway and see how they work in another room.


Stuff and Nonsense

We all know there are a lot of books and experts with methods to address decluttering our homes. My preferred method, that I’ve been using these past couple of weeks, is to take one room or one cupboard or closet at a time. Removing items that you don’t use obviously frees up space in every room. Perhaps imagine that you have decided to build the house you’ve designed using Opoplan’s ‘Make Your Design’ and you are having a clear out  in anticipation of your move.


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