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Home Sweet Stay Home (Series) – Design Ideas

We never thought it would come to this but for better or worse we are all finding ourselves confined to our homes and not by choice. For most this will be the longest time we’ve spent in our house since we were children. For many it will be the first time we’ve spent weeks surrounded by only our family or roommates.

At Opoplan we love houses and firmly believe this is a great opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with our homes and experience them anew. This series will give you some ideas to reimagine your existing home before you start to Make Your Design for a new home.

While keeping safe from Covid-19 is the top priority, it’s pretty clear that cabin fever (even in a large house) can harm our wellbeing. So, our director Brian O’ Brien, observing a stay home policy himself, has come up with some ways to help us all transform the period of confinement into creative experience – almost all the fun of house hunting and designing, but without leaving home!

There are a ton of great articles and books out there to help you complete this mission, whether on de-cluttering, creating hygge or simply choosing new colours for your wall.

Enjoy your time at home and use it to get to know what really works and doesn’t within your four walls. It may mean you find easy ways to make it better, or maybe it will inspire you to plan your next move or new build.

Either way, stay safe.


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