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Almost 50% of houseplans bought online are too big for the lot…

Building your own home is stressful and expensive. Every dollar you can save and every mistake you can avoid is worth knowing about. That’s why we asked custom builders across America about the mistakes they see most often.

One of the most common mistakes is when homeowners meet their builder for the first time only to find that the houseplan they bought online is too big for their lot. Not only is your whole family extremely disappointed, you’re then faced with the added cost of having revisions made to the plan, or worse, having to start over or accept a less customized plan from your builder.
There are a couple of reasons why this happens so often but the main one is that selecting a house based on a picture you like, and simple criteria such as the number of bedrooms, cars to park, etc doesn’t take into account the size of the lot or the set backs for lots in your chosen area. Set backs are the distance from the lot boundary that you have to allow before you can position your new home on a lot. Set by the building code there is no way around them and getting it wrong can be the difference between a house that fits (your lot) and one that doesn’t.

To help people avoid this mistake, we have developed a free LotCheck service, where you map out your lot – preferably before you buy it – to find out what size house will fit. At Opoplan, we want to do everything we can to make this challenging, but ultimately well worth while journey, as easy as possible. In fact, before you consider buying any lot, you might want to check it out first.

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The Opoplan suite of technology products has been created to improve the pre-build design and planning process for professionals and consumers, in the single family homes market.

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Manage new enquiries quickly and decisively with LotTech™ from Opoplan – the smart lot analysis tool for Builders, Real Estate Brokers and House Designers.

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